Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Treatment

Common Side Effects Patients Report After Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Treatment

Breast cancer treatment can happen in various forms, but radiation therapy has always been a benefitting option for any breast cancer. Depending on the stage and type of cancer, it is possible to use radiation alone as a breast cancer treatment choice. There are different schedules and radiation therapy types meant for breast cancer, and you should…

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How Can Exercising Help In The Prevention & Treatment Of Colon Cancer?

Lately, due to the changes in cancer findings, screening, and treatment processes, there has been more count in the total colon cancer symptoms, patient numbers, and colon cancer survival rate. Due to more people, there is a need for safety measures like lifestyle modifications regarding physical stress, obesity, smoking, and diet. It is possible to…

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2 Most Promising Breakthroughs For Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is behind 15% of lung cancers. The disease can be aggressive with poor prognosis and early metastasis. Until recently, small-cell lung cancer treatment options didn’t change, and chemotherapy is becoming a cornerstone treatment option. The overview highlights recent advancements in the staging field, systematic treatment, and radiotherapy. Nevertheless, new treatment options…

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