Schedule Your Testicular Cancer Screening Today

Schedule Your Testicular Cancer Screening Today

We can’t stress enough the importance of screenings for testicular cancer. It is a test that lasts a few minutes, but can have a lasting impact on your health. In most cases, when testicular cancer is found in its earliest stages, it is 99% treatable; however you have to take the initiative to either submit to a screening or perform self-exams to catch this disease before it spreads.

There are over 22,000 testicular cancer survivors in the United States. These survivors have learned a great deal about testicular cancer, and without screenings would not have caught their cancer in time.

Here are just a few stories from men who have fought the testicular cancer battle and won.

Royce: “Many men don’t realize the importance they place on testicles. We challenge each other, tell one another we have no balls when we’re referring to being macho enough or having the strength to take on different challenges – but these words seem rather empty and silly when you come in contact with a testicular cancer diagnosis.

I was diagnosed for the first time in April of 2000 at 21 years old. The last thing on my mind was cancer, I felt invincible. I went for a routine exam, and found myself sitting in a chair in my Urologist’s office telling me that during my screening the lump I had found two days earlier was indeed a symptom of testicular cancer. After further tests it was confirmed – testicular cancer. At 21, it was a hard situation to comprehend, and he called my parents to explain my situation to them.

I took the necessary steps to fight back , and now I’m glad to say after surgery and treatment– I am now cancer free. I cannot be more thankful for screenings – I can definitely say it saved my life.”

Frederick: “It’s hard for me to tell my story, but to support those who are scared of what a screening could bring, or who want to know more about testicular cancer I thought I would reach out to these men in particular. My wife, who had a breast cancer scare urged me to go and get a physical and undergo a screening after I absently thought I felt what could be a lump, but decided I was just imagining things due to what my wife was dealing with.

After a week of her urging me to go, I decided to humor her and made an appointment. I found myself in this bright white waiting room, feeling the warmth of my wife’s hand and wondering if I had made a mistake in coming. My physician performed a screening, and then a flurry of diagnostic tests followed – and ultimately I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I found irony in the situation – I had been supporting my wife for weeks during her visits and biopsies to test for breast cancer, and now it was she who supported me, and it was ME who had cancer. It was definitely a surreal experience. Some comforting news though – I was in the earlier stages of testicular cancer, when it was most treatable. I am currently still undergoing treatment, but I’m hopeful for what my future is bringing. The thing I would stress to men everywhere – screenings are important, and can save your life. I’m proof.”

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