Early Reactions

  1. Skin and scalp reaction with redness, irritation, scaliness, blistering, ulceration, change in color.
  2. thickening, and hair loss.
  3. Nausea, vomiting, headaches.
  4. Fatigue, drowsiness.
  5. Altered sense of taste or smell.
  6. Inflammation of ear canal or feeling of “stopped up” ear, hearing loss, dizziness.
  7. Depression of blood count leading to increased risk of infection and/or bleeding.

Late Reactions

  1. Permanent hair loss of variable degrees, altered regrowth, texture and color of hair.
  2. Persistent drowsiness and/or tiredness.
  3. Brain damage causing a loss of some degree of thinking ability or memory, or personality changes.
  4. Scarring of skin.
  5. Spinal cord or nerve damage causing loss of strength, feeling or coordination in any part of the body.
  6. Damage of eye(s) or optic nerve(s) causing loss of vision.
  7. Ear damage causing dryness of ear canal, fluid collection in middle ear, hearing loss.
  8. Pituitary gland damage requiring long-term hormone replacement therapy.