Early Reactions

  1. Reduced and sticky saliva, loss of taste and appetite, altered sense of smell, nausea.
  2. Sore throat, difficulty swallowing, weight loss, fatigue.
  3. Skin changes: redness, irritation, scaliness, blistering or ulceration, change in color, thickening, hair thickness.
  4. Hoarseness, irritative cough, loss of voice, blockage of nasal passages, and swelling of airway.
  5. Inflammation of ear canal, sense of “stopped-up” ear, hearing loss, dizziness.
  6. Dry and irritable eye(s).

Late Reactions

  1. Dry mouth, altered sense or loss of taste.
  2. Tooth decay and gum changes.
  3. Bone necrosis, especially in jaws.
  4. Stiffness and limitation of jaw movement.
  5. Changes in skin texture and/or coloration, permanent hair loss, scarring of skin.
  6. Swelling of the subcutaneous tissues, particularly under the chin.
  7. Larynx (throat) changes or damage causing hoarseness, pain or difficulty breathing.
  8. Eye changes or damage, dry eye, cataract, loss of vision, or loss of eye.
  9. Ear changes or damage causing dryness of ear canal, fluid collection in middle ear, hearing loss.
  10. Brain, spinal cord or nerve damage causing alteration of thinking ability or memory, and/or loss of strength, feeling or coordination in any part of the body.
  11. Pituitary or thyroid gland requiring long-term hormone replacement therapy.