Health Complaints of Human Exposure to Benzene

Complication this study, we assessed the prevalence of adverse health symptom complaints in adults after their exposure to benzene as a result of the BP flaring disaster.SUBJECTS AND METHODS Subjects This retrospective study was approved by an institutional review board. Subjects aged 18 years or older who were exposed to benzene were included in this study. The details of the subjects’selection and the procedures employed for the clinical and laboratory evaluations were reported pre-viously.23,28Briefly, communities affected by the BP refinery emission due to the flaring event were identified initially in Texas City, Texas. Subjects exposed to the emissions were selected from the affected communities (Figure 1). Specifi-cally, these subjects experienced an involuntary exposure to benzene for up to 40 days following the BP refinery that occurred on April 6, 2010, and lasted through May 16, 2010. Demographic and health symptom data were