Frequently Asked Questions About Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy

Oncologists and doctors who treat cancer use surgery, radiation therapy, or medications including hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and biologic therapy, either sole or in the merger. If you are a cancer patient, your doctor will probably suggest treating your cancer with radiation or chemotherapy. Your oncologist will function with your main doctor and another panel of…

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Cancer Therapy: Introduction To Radiation Oncology

Radiation treatment therapy is the introduction of intense-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells’ DNA and kill their potential spread and growth. It may be provided with the help of machines, known as linear accelerators, or through radioactive sources kept inside the patient’s body for a short time or on a permanent basis. Radiation therapy treatment…

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Treatment Guide For Women Battling Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Breast cancer in pregnancy is comparatively rare. Around 1 in every 3,000 pregnant females have the risk of developing breast cancer, but it is the most basic kind of cancer detected during pregnancy. Pregnant women will encounter changes in their breasts like swelling, soreness, and tenderness, which can result in lumps or chunks of masses.…

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