Know It All About Genetic/ Hereditary Cancer Syndrome

Genetic testing for cancer risk is done when someone has a family history suggesting an inherited cancer risk. Genetic information helps experts identify people with an increased risk of cancer or reveals information derived from the person’s family history of diseases. Let’s know what genes are. Genes are pieces of deoxyribonucleic acid in human cells.…

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Can Radiation Therapy Affect The Sex Life Of Men With Cancer

Sex and a healthy physical relationship are extremely important for a relationship; however, radiation therapy can develop multiple sexual problems. These problems develop as a result of lower abdomen pelvic radiation. Remember that certain cancer treatments can impact your sexuality, generating a variety of indications and symptoms that can make having sex with your partner…

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National Influenza Immunization Week: Flu Facts For Cancer Patients And Survivors

It is highly understandable that cancer patients and survivors are at a greater risk of catching influenza (flu) and facing complications. So, it’s crucial for their visitors, caregivers, and family members to take the necessary steps to prevent influenza (flu) from spreading. The only best way to save yourself from influenza (flu) is to take…

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NCCN Guidelines on Uterine Neoplasms

Researchers forecasted it would pinpoint approximately 66,570 new cases of uterine cancer or tumor cases in the United States in 2021, and around 12,940 patients would die from the disease. Most of the uterine cancers are epithelial-derived and develop in the endometrium (endometrial carcinoma). Mesenchymal or stromal sarcomas are abnormal cancer tumors, accounting for around…

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