Different Cancer Treatments And Their Adverse Effects

Cancer is a malignant disease that spreads speedily in the human body. Several factors cause different cancer types. This pernicious disease can be treated with several treatment techniques. But do you know these cancer treatment techniques can cause adverse effects? Yes, you read that right. Cancer and cancer treatments can lead to several side effects.…

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Diagnosis And Treatment For Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer is the rarest kind of cancer that develops quickly, making the affected breast swollen, red, painful, and tender. Most people ask, “is inflammatory breast cancer hereditary,” the simple answer is no. There is no particular genetic risk found for inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer transpires when cancer tissues create a blockage…

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Know It All About Genetic/ Hereditary Cancer Syndrome

Genetic testing for cancer risk is done when someone has a family history suggesting an inherited cancer risk. Genetic information helps experts identify people with an increased risk of cancer or reveals information derived from the person’s family history of diseases. Let’s know what genes are. Genes are pieces of deoxyribonucleic acid in human cells.…

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Can Radiation Therapy Affect The Sex Life Of Men With Cancer

Sex and a healthy physical relationship are extremely important for a relationship; however, radiation therapy can develop multiple sexual problems. These problems develop as a result of lower abdomen pelvic radiation. Remember that certain cancer treatments can impact your sexuality, generating a variety of indications and symptoms that can make having sex with your partner…

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