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Why Choose Us

At University Cancer Centers, we know that time is of great essence. We believe that immediate and accurate treatment combined with proper ambience are the most important attributes of cancer treatment for a speedy recovery. We offer an alternative to the treatment services you get at large centers. Our staff is from the Greater Houston area, and our highly qualified and experienced physicians personally take care of the cancer patients with no students between you and your attending physician.

Since we believe in innovation, we publish our patients’ outcomes data to showcase our work and advance our cancer treatment guidelines.

University Cancer Center is a private facility where physicians work with freedom and peace of mind to prescribe what is best for the patient, unlike at other hospitals where they may face political and economic pressures.

Mission Statement

To provide the best individualized and personalized cancer treatment to every patient for the best possible outcomes.

What we do

We offer coordinated cancer and surgical treatments. Our team of experts in the medical field uses surgery, radiation therapy, systemic chemotherapy, gene-targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and endocrine therapy to treat cancer.

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Patient Testimonials

Edward Barnes

It was scary to learn that I was suffering from Bone cancer. Thanks to University Cancer Centers’ personalized treatment plan and patient-friendly environment, I’m in remission now. I highly recommend this facility to every cancer patient.

Timothy Simmons

All the staff members at the University Cancer Centers offered me the utmost care during my colon cancer treatment. Dr. Mark D’Andrea was always there for support and consultation throughout the healing process

Simon Romero

As my skin cancer treatment progressed and I learned more about my condition, I realized that I was receiving the best available treatment from day one at University Cancer Centers. I feel much better now and want to thank the staff at UCC.

5 More Reasons to Choose University Cancer Centers

Affordable Treatment For Everyone

We know that going through cancer treatment is challenging enough. That’s why we don’t want you to have to worry about its expense as we accept most insurance plans. Our treatment plans are tailored for everyone individually.

Convenient Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities help us in providing you with the treatment you deserve. Our facilities are located all over Houston, minimizing travel time while maximizing treatment time. With a new location opening up in the Greater Heights area of Houston, we are committed to providing you the most up-to-date treatment with the technology needed to fight against cancer effectively and efficiently.

A Support Staff That Cares

Award-winning physicians demand quality work from everyone working around them, and it’s visible in our talented support staff, who are as dedicated to your recovery as your physician. We searched all over Houston and beyond to bring in only the best support staff that complements our talented physicians. At University Cancer Centers, you aren’t just a number but part of our family in a community dedicated to providing you the best possible service every time.

Customized Treatment Options

At University Cancer Centers, we know that not every diagnosis is the same. It is our mission to stay updated with the latest treatment methods and offer you access to trials designed to cure your cancer. We designed our treatment options with your safety in mind. Our physicians assess your diagnosis and other factors to provide you a treatment plan designed to minimize side effects while treating your specific cancer.

Board-Certified Physicians are Available

One of the best things about University Cancer Centers is that we have board-certified physicians who go through the entire diagnosis and treatment process with you without any interns or students between you and your physician. Whether you are frighted of the possible treatment or need a second opinion, our physicians are available for a one-on-one consultation. Our physicians have been featured in several medical journals and have been nominated for a variety of awards based on current and previous patient feedback. Winning awards based on patient feedback is great, but the opportunity to help patients overcome cancer is the best. That’s why we, at University Cancer Centers, make sure that each patient receives the best treatment for them. Our physicians care and will answer your questions until you are comfortable.

Cancer Treatment

University Cancer Centers approach cancer treatment in an organized and scientific manner that includes various steps and procedures. It also may include surgery or other therapeutic techniques. Patients’ personalized treatment plans depend upon their diagnosis, stage of the disease, and general state.

We offer a range of cancer treatments to treat the tumor while producing minimal damage to the rest of the body.

At University Cancer Centers, we use a systematic and personalized approach to address our patients’ needs. Our approach includes:
  • Disease Diagnosis: It is one of the most important stages in the management of the patient’s treatment. It helps us understand the extent of the primary disease and if it has spread in the body. We have advanced imaging machines such as MRI, Mammograms, PET, and CT Scanners. If required, a biopsy may be necessary in this stage.
  • Treatment Plan and Delivery: After the Cancer diagnosis stage, our team of specialists formulate a treatment plan for the patient.
  • Supportive Care: We provide a patient-friendly environment that helps our patients in their cancer treatment journey.
Diagnostic Imaging
Clinical Trials

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University Cancer Centers has a long and successful history in cancer diagnosis and treatment. We develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient using a multi-disciplinary approach and current clinical & researched-based studies so that they get the best suitable treatment and recover quickly. Our cancer hospitals are in Houston, Heights, Pasadena, Brenham, Huntsville & Kingwood.

We realize that the needs of our cancer patients are many. That’s why University Cancer Centers combine all available cancer treatment and diagnostic services into a dedicated and coordinated services approach.

University Cancer Centers provide outstanding cancer care by offering the most efficient therapies in a personalized and compassionate way.


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