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Why Choose Us

Unlike larger institutions, we know time is of the essence. We believe that rapid and accurate action combined with the ability to think outside the box is one of the most important attributes of cancer care. We offer an alternative to the disconnected service you might find at mega hospital systems. Our staff is from the Greater Houston area and our physicians are personally involved in our patients’ care. Finally, there are no students between you and your treating physician.

We are innovators and use our patient’s outcomes to advance our knowledge and publish our data to showcase our work.

University Cancer Centers is a private facility that is free from the politics and economic pressures exerted on some physicians who are employed at public, academic, or otherwise large hospital systems.

Mission Statement

To provide the best individualized and personalized cancer care to our patients to maximize the best outcomes possible associated with their treatments

What we do

Provide coordinated cancer and surgical care.
Using surgery, radiation therapy, systemic chemotherapy… gene targeted therapies and immunotherapy and endocrine therapy in the treatment of malignant disease.

Here are 5 reasons to choose University Cancer Centers

The many amazing physicians available

One of the great things about University Cancer Centers is the board-certified physicians who are available to provide consultations and give it to patients straight when it comes to diagnosis and treatment options.Read More »

A team of support staff who care

Award winning physicians demand excellence, and that is what you’ll find in our talented support staff who are as dedicated to your recovery as your doctor is. We’ve searched all over Houston and beyond to bring in only the bestRead More »

Convenient facilities

The state-of-the-art facilities help provides you the treatment you deserve. Our facilities are located all over Houston, minimizing travel time while maximizing treatment time. With a new location opening up in the Greater Heights area of HoustonRead More »

Customized treatment options

At University Cancer Centers we know not every diagnosis is the same, so why should your treatment be any different? We have made it our mission to stay current with the latest treatment methods and can offer you accessRead More »

Affordable options for everyone

We know that receiving a cancer diagnosis is scary enough, and we don’t want our patients to worry about expenses. Our treatment plans are affordable for everyone, and we take many insurance plans.Read More »

Cancer Treatment

University Cancer Centers treats cancer in an organized and scientific manner which may include many steps and procedures. This may include the use of surgery or other therapeutic techniques. The personalized treatment plan depends upon the diagnosis and the stage of the disease, as well as the general state of the patient.

A range of cancer treatments are available in an attempt to completely irradiate the tumor without damaging the rest of the body.

At university cancer centers a systematic and personalized approach is taken in addressing the patients diseases, which include:
  1. Disease Diagnosis. This is the critical stage in the management of the patient in-order to understand the extent of the primary disease and the spread. We are proud to house our well-equipped labs with latest imaging machines such as Ultrasound, MRI, Mammograms, PET and CT Scanners. Possible biopsy, if necessary, are obtained at this time.
  2. Treatment Plan and Delivery. After diagnosis and staging of the disease, our team of specialists formulates a treatment plan with the patient.
  3. Supportive Care. We provide an environment that assist our patients during the time of their treatment and as they heal and resume their normal life activities.
Diagnostic Imaging
Clinical Trials

Check out our unique patents and publications


University Cancer Centres has a long and continuing history of excellence in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, current clinical and researched based studies to develop a PERSONALIZED treatment plan AND WITH the patient determining which treatment will be best suited for them and offer the best outcomes.

Realizing that OUR cancer patients needs are very explicit in nature, THE University Cancer Centre combines all available cancer treatment and diagnostic services into a dedicated, and coordinated-services approach.

THE University Cancer Centre provides outstanding cancer care by offering the most up-to-date and most efficient therapies in a PERSONALIZED AND compassionate setting


Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday