Choosing a Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatments

Choosing a Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Cancer Treatments

Thanks to innovation in medicine there are a variety of different treatment options available to those who are fighting cancer. These cancer treatment options are designed to work with the needs of the patient and the type of cancer. Finding a treatment that is right for you is easy when you have a team like the ones at University Cancer Centers. Many times your oncologist can create a customized treatment plan to help you recover faster than ever.

Here are the 3 most common types of cancer treatment available:


Surgery is often used to diagnose, treat or prevent cancer. Surgery is often a common treatment for many patients as it gives doctors the opportunity to remove any tumors or cancerous growths to prevent them from spreading. Minor surgery is normally called a procedure. Preventative surgery can also be performed if a person is at a higher risk for having cancer in the future.


Chemotherapy or chemo as many call it is the use of medicines and drugs to treat cancer. There are several types of chemotherapy for different stages of the removal and remission of certain cancers. Many people are intimidated by chemotherapy, but the more you know the better equipped you are to handle it. Chemotherapy is an option to cure, control or in advanced cases ease symptoms.

Radiation Therapy:

High –energy particles are used to destroy and damage cancer cells during radiation therapy. Much like standard x-rays that many people have had during their lifetime, radiation therapy is uses a much higher dose to treat some types of cancers. Special equipment sends these high doses of radiation to the cells or tumor. Normal cells repair themselves while cancer cells do not. Radiation is different from chemotherapy as chemo treats the whole body while radiation affects the part of the body where the tumor is located directly.

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