Dr Mark D’Andrea modernizes radiation treatment with new patents

Dr Mark D’Andrea modernizes radiation treatment with new patents

Dr. Mark D’Andrea cares about his patients, and it shows. He is constantly working to develop new treatment patents and devices when he is not administering care to patients. University Cancer Centers (UCC) knows that the only way to get ahead in such a dynamic field is to use the innovations in technology to aid patients in radiation treatment and recovery.

The beauty of modern medicine forges with the brilliance of Dr. D’Andrea’s experience to allow him to create patents on several successful catheters, implantation devices, diagnostic devices and more. Dr. D’Andrea has been developing patents that have developed into successful devices and methods for over 20 years. His ultimate goal is to do everything he can to help patients successfully overcome their diagnosis, and he is capable of treating a variety of different cancers throughout their various stages.

Dr. D’Andrea has developed and filed patents catheters and other radiation devices and methods of radiation treatment. Catheters are medical devices that assist physicians in treating diseases, perform surgical procedures and aid in the removal of fluid easily and safely. These catheters are specifically designed by Dr. D’Andrea to improve the success rate of radiation treatment that is offered in each of UCC’s state-of-the-art facilities. The radiation diagnostic device patents and methods that have been developed by Dr. D’Andrea have also received high success rates in remission.

All of Dr. Mark D’Andrea’s patents and methods can be found on the website. The impressive detail that goes into each and every one of Dr. D’Andrea’s ideas can be seen throughout his methodical plans and has developed into the methods and devices he uses strategically throughout the body. Cancer will not be beat without a physician dedicated to innovation, and at University Cancer Centers you can trust that they perform all treatments with the same precise planning and dedication that has gone into the development of these devices.

The methods implemented by Dr. D’Andrea have been meticulously taught to each and every member of the University Cancer Centers team, so patients have the peace of mind knowing that they are in the right hands the moment they walk into any University Cancer Center’s facility.

Each facility contains these modern devices and methods to ensure that each patient receives the customized treatment plan designed to target their specific cancer. Patients can be sure that they receive the white-glove treatment.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be tough, but Dr. D’Andrea and the University Cancer Centers team are tougher. They are a knowledgeable team of board certified physicians and individuals who use technology to the utmost advantage when developing devices and methods that can target different areas of the body and through radiation and other customized treatments. Houston is a city of medical innovation, and Dr. D’Andrea and his team work hard each and every day to stay up-to-date on the innovative cancer treatments.

Seeing is believing, and many patients have been amazed by the blend of tradition and modernization that Dr. D’Andrea employs when administering treatment plans.

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